Biomechanical treatment

Biomechanical treatment available in our practice in Walton

If you suffer from problems with your ankles, knees, hips or back they could all relate to the biomechanical functioning of your feet.

We offer you the opportunity to solve your condition for good by talking to one of our experienced and friendly specialists and possibly undergoing painless treatment. We use the RS Foot Scan System, which enables the detection of subtle changes in the mechanics of the foot allowing the most accurate analysis of data and prescription of orthotics.

The collected data is then analysed and the significant findings can be visually presented to the patient with recommendations. More detailed information on this exciting new development can be viewed on

Common biomechanical problems we can help with are the following:

Excessive Pronation (flat foot) or Supination (high arch):

We can advise you on suitable footwear or prescribe an orthotic, to help you to control pronation or supination whilst standing, walking or running.

Hallux Valgus (Bunions):

We may suggest protective pads to ease pressure on the joint, shoe alterations, or orthotics (specialised insoles).

Custom made, casted or semi-bespoke orthotics are available at this practice. In some cases, the podiatrist may advise surgery to realign the big toe, fixing it in a corrected position.

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