Verrucae treatments

Painless and permanent verrucae treatments in Walton’s reputable podiatry practice

Having problems with verrucae? We offer an innovative and highly effective treatment for stubborn and recurrent verrucae, called Dry Needling.

This treatment is different from the conventional burning or freezing. By treating the cause of the problem rather than its symptom, it has been reported to be highly effective, even for long lasting and persistent verrucae, where other treatments may have failed. To find out more about our verrucae treatment, please click here.

Why is dry needling better than other treatments?

  • It is highly effective
  • 1-2 applications only – convenient for busy patients
  • Carried out painlessly under local anaesthetics

Though being around for over 40 years, dry needling has only started to be used in the UK recently, which is why very few podiatrists are able to offer this treatment.

To see how we can help you with your verrucae problem call Alexander Hamilton Podiatry @  Walton now on  01932 227 233