Oral Sedation For Nail Surgery

Oral Sedation for Needle Phobics

We are now able to offer Oral Sedation for patients who are undergoing nail surgery.

This form of sedation is particularly suitable for patients who have a needle phobia as it is administered in the form of Temazepam Elixer.

Typically we ask you to arrive at the surgery 2 hours prior to treatment.

On arrival you will be made comfortable in a quiet room where your blood pressure and pulse will be recorded before the first dose is administered, you will rest for 20 minutes and subsequently a second dose will be given.

We ask you to rest again before being moved to the treatment room.

A local anaesthetic will then be given. You will feel little or no pain.

We request that you have nothing to eat or drink for 6 hours before sedation, this allows the elixir to be absorbed into your system quickly.

You will need to escort from the surgery after your treatment and ideally your escort should be able to stay with you for the rest of the day.

Temazepam elixir is a particularly agreeable form of sedation as it has a retrograde amnesic effect, which means you remember nothing of the procedure.